Helping Developers Modernize Their PowerBuilder Applications

Take Control of your UI with PowerBuilder Ultimate Suite

PB GUI Controls offers a wide range of GUI controls to help you change the look of your PowerBuilder application.

All controls are written in pure PowerScript so it's easy to change the look and behavior of the controls to suit your needs.

By adding any of the following to your PowerBuilder application you can give it an instant and much needed facelift:

     - Ribbon Menu
     - Docking Panels
     - Windows 10 Tiles
     - Outlook ShortcutBar
     - XP ListBar
     - Button ListBar
     - Gradient Header
     - Tab Control
     - Toolbar Strip
     - GroupBox
     - Custom Static Text
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- Choose from 9 built in themes.
- Simple and easy to implement. Get them working with little effort and minimum code.
- Secure your investment in PowerBuilder!

Advanced Datawindow filtering with PowerFilter

PowerFilter is a powerful, easy-to-implement datawindow filtering component that provides users functionality similar to what is found in Excel 2007. Add one control to your window and 3 lines of Powerscript to implement.

Features Include:

  • Multilingual support built in, no coding required. Single source code supports multiple languages at runtime.
  • Dropdown checklist with unique values for each column. Check as many items as desired in as many columns as desired to define the filter.
  • Custom Filter with pre-defined options based on datatype (Last Month, Next Month, Last Year, This Year, Greater than, Contains, Above Average, etc.)
  • Supports Grid and Tabular DataWindows.
  • Supports Columns and Computed Fields.
  • Supports all standard data types.
  • Supports custom column formats including format expressions.
  • ...and much more.

Design Your Controls with Full Power

The PowerBuilder UI Designer is a tool that will help you visually setup any PowerToTheBuilder control. To get the controls to look and function the way you want requires several function calls. Most times you would call a function then run your application to see what the affect would be. With the UI Designer you can visually pick options for any control and see the code being genereated for you automatically.

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